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Candy is unique, powerful, and dynamically focused on project control in the construction & engineering industry, providing an interactive link between the Bill of Quantity and the construction program or schedule of work in one exceptional construction project management solution.

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Construction Project Management Software

The ultimate Construction Project Management Software, Candy is unique, powerful, and dynamically focused on project control in the construction & engineering industry, a field in which we have gained enormous experience. We have specifically targeted the contractor’s requirements, from on-screen quantity measurement, estimating and planning a project, controlling at site level, through to the final account with the client. Candy uniquely provides an interactive link between the Bill of Quantity (BOQ) and the construction program or schedule of work in one exceptional construction project management solution. Put simply, it aligns time and money. By bringing together these two key factors of construction & engineering projects, management and client alike have a wealth of forecast information at their fingertips.

  • Candy combines its powerful features conveniently into a single user interface, eliminating departmental silos
  • Based on best business practices and processes
  • Versatile and scalable: used by small, medium & large entities
  • Nimble desktop application with various data and licensing deployment options
  • Powerful yet user friendly - work the way you think
  • Based on First Principles Estimating to substantially improve speed, accuracy, transparency and auditability of Estimation and Project Controls, while considerably reducing mistakes
  • Minimal hardware specification and IT infrastructure required
  • Low cost of activation and ownership
  • Eliminate paper usage and manual processes
  • Enhanced and developed on a continual basis in line with User requirements, industry and technological trends
  • New versions and updates available immediately for download at no additional charge
  • Powerful tender analysis, resource analysis, planning, forecasting and cost vs allowable reports
  • Dynamic integration with BuildSmart for upfront purchase control (procure to pay) and accurate Budget vs Cost analysis and reporting
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Developed and designed by contractors, for contractors, our software solutions drive company-wide collaboration and empower all stakeholders at every stage of the construction life-cycle to succeed.

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Estimating is one of the key modules of Candy. It is based on first principles estimating which is a key function to generating powerful tender and resource analysis information. This information is seamlessly available to all other modules in Candy and naturally flows from the tender to post-tender stage of your projects.

  • User-friendly with minimal training requirements
  • Designed specifically for estimating and tendering purposes
  • Significant time and cost saving
  • Improved bid management and success
  • Reduced risk of mistakes and improve accuracy
  • Production, resource, manhours and wastage analysis and reporting
  • Easy electronic bill importation
  • Free format, first principles pricing enabled Worksheet
  • Powerful Subcontract and Material Adjudication 
  • Multiple and customisable document layouts
  • Powerful filtering, sorting and grouping of data
  • Master pricing and reference libraries
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Candy’s Quantity Take-off (QTO) module provides an on-screen take-off solution that seamlessly allows you to add or extract quantity information from 2D and 3D drawings or models and electronically compile Bills of Quantities

  • Measure multiple bill items using common dimensions
  • Dynamic link and references to the BOQ
  • Auto extraction of quantities and properties with applicable file formats
  • Enables the User to re-measure revisions and variations
  • Enjoy latest updates
  • On-screen 2D & 3D Take-off
  • Multiple file formats supported
  • Templates
  • Configurable layouts
  • Dynamic link with BOQ
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Candy’s planning and scheduling tool provides a powerful critical path network system designed specifically for the built environment. It can be used effectively by a non-planner, but has the features and functionality required by the professional.

Integration with the Candy estimate provides cost/value forecasts and cash flow analysis.

  • Planning and scheduling in one system
  • Powerful yet user- friendly
  • Effective reporting on the project status across all levels
  • Reduce input errors and timeous manual checking
  • Critical Path, precedence networking
  • On Screen Bar Chart
  • Multiple and customisable document layouts
  • Powerful filtering, sorting and grouping of data
  • User defined and WBS coding
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The interactive link between Estimating and Planning modules, brings time and money together to generate valuable forecasting reports.

Variations to the BOQ or Program will dynamically change the forecasts cost quantities, values and resources enabling improved project planning.

  • Provides invaluable information for feasibility and progress monitoring of a construction project
  • Assist in assessing the effect of changes to the project financing and help to focus on the important issues
  • Produce graphical and numeric histograms and “s-curves” for resource, quantity, budget and revenue forecasts
  • Provide source data for cashflow modelling and forecast costing
  • Dynamically link bill items to activities and/or vice versa
  • Auto-link the estimate and program
  • Price the program
  • Multiple and customisable document layouts
  • Powerful filtering, sorting and grouping of data
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Used to build a financial model of the project and to do scenario planning, so that all costs can be understood and handled in the most effective manner.

Candy Cash Flow can draw information from both the estimate and the project program, and cash flow settings like payment lags, retentions and day of costs close, are applied allowing variations to be easily tested and the latest bid figures to be included as they are made available.

  • Financial modeling and feasibility of projects
  • Weekly and monthly forecast cash flow analysis and reporting
  • Enjoy latest updates
  • Create manually, from estimate or forecast
  • Specify cash flow parameters such as days, weeks, months
  • Incorporate payment lags, escalation, interest on payment to suppliers and subcontractors, advances and loans
  • Generate NPV from weekly cash flow calculations
  • Main and subcontractor retention options
  • Multi-currency and exchange rate modelling
  • Combine multiple cash flows
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Candy’s Valuations module delivers continuity between estimating and post-tender commercial control. It gives you immediate access to all the information used to price the tender and allows on-site staff to carry out all post-tender commercial functions.

  • Provides continuity between Estimating and the post-tender commercial control
  • Tender information can be rapidly remodelled to reflect changes since tender submission
  • Variation and re-measurement pricing and control
  • Production, resource, manhours and wastage analysis and reporting for better control
  • Immediate Use of Estimate Data for Operational QS
  • Dynamic link with Subcontract Manager
  • Comprehensive standard and customisable reports
  • Multiple and customisable document layouts
  • Powerful filtering, sorting and grouping of data
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Candy‘s Subcontractor Manager module controls progress payments. The Subcontract progress measures may be used to update the main valuation eliminating the need for double measure and improving accuracy on the progress claim to your client.

Subcontractor Progress measures, extras charges, materials on site and variation orders are managed and are used to dynamically generate a subcontract reconciliation in our BuildSmart Accounts system for approval and payment.

  • Subcontracts already set up and priced in the Subcontract Adjudication module can be brought directly into the Subcontract Manager, including rates from a chosen subcontractor
  • Multiple subcontractors can be allocated to a bill item, each with his own quantity and rate
  • Weekly, bi-weekly and/or monthly payment certificates using company specific Excel templates
  • Dynamic link with Subcontract Adjudication
  • Multiple Subcontractors Per bill item
  • Subcontract bills linked to main Bill of Quantity (BOQ)
  • Extras, Charges, MOS and Advanced payments control
  • Subcontractor progress measures
  • Subcontractor Certificates
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Candy makes Earned Value Management (EVM) simple with its cost control capability, ensuring effective construction cost control management. Candy’s EVM provides a series of curves and their derivatives used for the control and measurement of a project’s performance.

  • Comprehensive Earned Value Management and KPI measurement/reporting
  • Real-time analytics, cost reporting and dashboarding for effective and powerful decision making
  • Locational and/or activity and/or ledger Cost vs Budget to date
  • Locational and/or activity and/or ledger Cost vs Budget to & at completion
  • Quickly assess and evaluate the impact of Escalation and Variation Orders
  • Enjoy latest updates
  • To-Date, To-Completion and At-Completion project performance analysis
  • Cost Rates and Cost Worksheets for cost to and at completion calculation
  • Multiple and customisable document layouts
  • Powerful filtering, sorting and grouping of data
  • Import cost and cost adjustments from various file formats
  • Production, average rate and manhour comparison and analysis
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Only available in South Africa at this time

Build your estimates on a solid foundation with our tried and tested Candy Masters, built on years of industry experience, best practice and refinement.

  • Time saving
  • Improved efficiency
  • Based on best business practices and processes
  • Rapid start-up with ability to input your own construction methods
  • Improved accuracy during estimating
  • Structured template worksheets for Bill items and complex resources
  • Pre-set heading level structure for the BOQ
  • Pre-set heading level structure for the resource list
  • Pre-set resource coding structure
  • Pre-set trades, resource types & global variables
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