B&M Systems is an information technology provider that focuses on bespoke software solutions for niche markets, catering specifically for vertical markets and providing all the computing services that their customers would need. At this stage we specialized in the Construction and Veterinary Industries supplying specialist software, consulting, computers, hardware, networking, training and engineering support.

We believe in offering solutions with longevity and security in mind. Depending on your requirements we may deploy a variety of different software development languages and protocols to best serve your needs.‚Äč

To provide you with the best possible solution. We employ the use of a business solution analyst who
then clearly communicates the requirements to the technical staff. This allows you as the customer
to speak in your “language” and empowers us to fully understand your requirements for effective
delivery of the solution.

Our team of computer professionals comprise of consultants, trainers, support and technical staff to cover all basis required by our client to do seamless installations of new software and to give the best after sales service possible to those we have sold to.

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